BSS Premaster Statistics and Research Methodology


The BSS premaster is a web-supported premaster, which allows students to eliminate deficiencies regarding Statistics and Research Methodology. The deficiencies are diagnosed by the admission committees of Psychology, Sociology or Pedagogy/Education of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences (BSS) of the University of Groningen, depending on the master study aimed at.

International students have to apply for a specific Master in Groningen. For more information see:
Their application will be judged by the Central Admission Office of the University of Groningen and by the appropriate Admission Committee. If the Committee diagnoses a deficiency that can be eliminated by the remedial BSS premaster, the student is advised to follow a certain package of courses of this premaster program.

The program is organized by SPO, the Foundation of Training in Education of the University of Groningen. The full Statistics and Research Methodology premaster program consists of six courses, having a study load of 5 EC’s each (30 EC’s in total). The admission committee at hand will decide whether one should complete the full Statistics and Research Methodology premaster program, or only parts thereof. Also, it should be noted that some students may have to eliminate other deficiencies, not covered by this package. In such cases, the admission committee will indicate how to handle this.

The courses are designed for distance learning and require substantial self-tuition skills. In their home country students can follow online videos, do assignments, study the mandatory literature, do intermediate exams and engage in peer discussion at the digital learning environment of SPO.

Please download the Practical Information and Concise course texts here. 


If you already received the information of your individual program from the University of Groningen you can enroll in the BSS premaster program here.


The costs involved are € 195,- for each course. The costs for a total programme of six courses (30 EC’s) are € 1170,-.

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